15 July 2024

Dutch low-cost airline fined for overnight landings

A Dutch low-cost airline called Transavia has been fined by the Environment and Transport Inspectorate of the Dutch government due to overnight landings at Rotterdam – The Hague Airport.

Regulations regarding use of the airport do not allow large, commercial flights from landing between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m. to limit noise pollution for local residents. That period begins an hour later when airlines use modern aircraft that are less noisy. All flights landing between midnight and 1 a.m. are investigated by ILT to determine the reason.

Transavia which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Dutch flag-carrier KLM conducted the violations in May, June and August according to the ILT.

Overnight landings are allowed in emergency conditions. However, all landings that happen between the restricted hours are put under extreme scrutiny.

The Netherlands and airline issues

The outgoing Fourth Rutte cabinet has been at loggerheads over its plans to significantly reduce the number of landings at the country’s main airport – Amsterdam Schiphol. Lelystad Airport in Flevoland was intended to lighten the load by having regional flights be based there. However, due to environmental restrictions the plans haven’t come to any finalisation.

Last year, Schiphol was inundated with passengers due to a enormous shortage of security staff which saw passengers queue outside for hours. The airport later apologised due to the issues.

Transavia itself had to cancel a number of it’s flights this summer due to a shortage of working aircraft. With some customers complaining that they still haven’t received their money back over six months later.