15 July 2024

The Staff Nurse turned Fraudster

It was October 2017 when Staff Nurse Victoria Taylor working in St. George’s Hospital in Stafford stole a mental health patients bank card and proceeded to use it for her own fraudulent gains.

When the patient went on home leave, her bank called her to inform her that her bank card was being used in a suspicious fashion. The patient called the hospital who confirmed that the bank card was indeed missing. This is when the Police were called in to investigate.

Now, Victoria Taylor who studied at Staffordshire University and currently lives in Nottingham, wore her nurse uniform when CCTV cameras caught her fraudulently using the card on eight different occasions.

When the police finally came knocking, the 1994 born nurse was arrested and given a police caution. A lucky escape for a thief and a fraudster. The caution was on the charges of Fraud by Abuse of Position and Theft. She was ordered to write a letter of apology to the patient, book, pay for and complete a victim awareness course with the Victim Support Service at a cost of £60, pay compensation to the victim of £44.36, and communicate with and agree to all sanctions, meetings etc arranged by the NMC.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) held a Fitness to Practice Committee whos report stated that: “The panel noted that Miss Taylor used the bank card several times, over a short period of time, of a vulnerable person, Patient A, who had mental health concerns, and to whom Miss Taylor was responsible for providing care.”

“As well as Miss Taylor’s actions putting Patient A at risk of harm, they caused actual harm as they involved the financial abuse of a vulnerable adult.”

“The panel also considered that Miss Taylor’s behaviour would impact on the trust that Patient A would place in nurses caring for her.”

“The panel considered that Miss Taylor’s actions brought the reputation of the nursing profession into disrepute, as they would impact on the trust and confidence placed in nurses by patients, their families and members of the public. The panel considered that such a significant breach of trust by Miss Taylor also breached fundamental tenets of the profession.”

An interim suspension order was put in place for 18 months to allow for the possibility of an appeal to be made and determined. But if no appeal is made, then the interim order will be replaced by the striking-off order 28 days after Miss Taylor is sent the decision of this hearing in writing.

This is the same Victoria Taylor who admitted in 2023 to having sex with a 15 year old to a reporter. However, no criminal charges have yet been filed.

You can read the NMC report in full by clicking here. Click here for the original news report from January 2020 by the Express & Star.


Photo taken from the Facebook account of Victoria Taylor who still falsely represents herself as a Nurse with the hospital.