15 July 2024

Swish World Group takes heat over decision to not hire any agency staff directly

Following the news that the Swish World Group would break away from the employment agency it formerly used. The Group begun informing former contractors that they would not receive a new contract employing them directly by the Group.

Anger and Betrayal

A number of HyperJobs employees have expressed their anger at the decision. With one HyperJobs employee who spoke to SwishNews on the condition of anonymity saying that he felt “betrayed and in absolute disbelief at this decision”. Many employees have told SwishNews that they have been left without any money to buy Christmas presents or pay essential bills.


Some HyperJobs employees have commenced employment tribunal action against the company, with many stating that they have not heard anything directly from the company itself. One employee speaking on the condition of anonymity to ensure they are paid told SwishNews that they had reported HyperJobs to the Insolvency Service.


A spokesperson for the Swish World Group told SwishNews that whilst it was a “regrettable decision, the Group has obligations to its current employees”.