15 July 2024

Victoria Taylor admits having sex with 15 year old

A woman currently living in Nottingham, England has recently admitted to having sex with a 15 year old male whilst she was in her 20’s.

Victoria Taylor met the boy on a dating website where it is believed she lied about her age in an attempt to entice underage boys to have sex with her.

Weak Police response

The incident was reported to West Yorkshire Police in November 2019. However, the force failed to even open an investigation citing no reasons.

SwishJustice who are investigating the force for misconduct released the information telling SwishNews that it is in the public’s interest for them to know.

West Yorkshire Police were not immediately available for a comment.

Legal response

The then 15 year old died last year, so it is unclear whether or not Victoria Taylor can be prosecuted for the offence without the testimony of the victim. Given the fact the incident happened years ago and the fact it was reported to West Yorkshire Police. More could have been done at the time to protect the victim and potential future victims.


* Victims of sexual offences in the United Kingdom are guaranteed lifetime anonymity unless they choose to come forward.

Photo courtesy of LinkedIn.